Saturday, July 20, 2013

Train Concert 7/19/2013

My love for the band "Train" started in the mid 90's, they were not very well known yet and just came out with Meet Virginia. They played at Depauw University in Greencastle, IN and I just so happen to live a block from where they were playing. It was an outdoors concert so I could easily hear it from my front porch, we heard a lot of great bands from our porch. No band that I can remember succeeded like Train did though. I have loved all 6 of their albums throughout the years and even though its only been a year since their latest one, I can't wait to see what comes next for Pat Monahan and the guys.

In 2010 my girlfriend and I went and saw Train in Indianapolis. I like being right up front next to the stage, so we were up front enjoying an awesome concert. It got 10x better when Pat jumped off stage and came into the crowd. He sang their hit song "Marry Me" and was about 3 feet from my girlfriend and I. It was beautiful, his voice is amazing and it's always awesome when the singer comes into the crowd. After the concert was over we were waiting outside for our ride and Pat and the guys came walking out the stage door! He came over to us and talked to us for a minute and took our picture together.
Pat in the crowd 2010

Pat, my gf and I 2010

Last night we went to see Train again and Gavin Degraw and The Script opened up. I love all three of these groups but of course Train takes it. This time we did not meet the band, we had an enjoyable evening with friends despite the 90 degree temperatures. Pat came into the crowd again as he did before same song and all "Marry Me", The Script lead singer came into the crowd as well. I also have much respect for Pat and the guys, because they do the MDA telethon on labor day weekend in Las Vegas. We are already counting down the days or years who knows when they come back to Indianapolis, such a good performance they put on. 

Pat coming through the crowd 2013!

Lead singer of The Script coming through the crowd 2013!