Thursday, August 22, 2013 Review

PowerMyLearning has given us the chance to review their educational games webpage. This was a perfect opportunity for my nieces who are 10 years old and little one who is almost 4. My 10 year old niece loves playing games on the computer, so this not only was up her alley but also helped her learn at the same time. My 4 year old niece is just learning to put the alphabet and numbers with pictures, she’s known them verbally for a while though.

My oldest niece got hooked on two games in particular, they were the food chain game and the artist tool kit. She tried others, but with her artistic ability the artist tool kit took the cake on being her favorite. Over all she liked the site, she did have a few cons to the site though which there are always going to be pros and cons to everything in life. She said the site was kind of slow at loading and I’d agree with her on this. On the upside she gave the site a 7/10 and still is playing around on it.

My youngest niece hasn’t learned enough matching her numbers and letters yet to pictures yet, but she really enjoyed one game she tried. The “Who Am I?” game she liked and like her sister she is still playing around on the site. In time I think the younger one will get hooked on the games once she knows the picture matching better.

I asked their mother if there was anything she would improve to the games on the site. She pointed out one game the youngest niece tried out called “Solid Figure Factory”. Her reply was “it doesn't have verbal commands, there is text on the screen asking the questions, and so if my kindergartener doesn't read they can't play the game by themselves. It would be better if it had verbal commands.” She also said the sidebar with the list of game categories took a couple clicks for them to work when helping the youngest niece.

Overall is this is still in its BETA stages, but the kids liked it and after all the glitches are fixed, this site has great potential to help all kids. This site is completely FREE! Again my oldest nieces gave this a 7/10, she said the slow loading knocked it down on the rating scale a little bit. I will be bookmarking this site and telling all my friends with kids about it for sure.

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks like a cool program, thank you for sharing.