Monday, June 1, 2015

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set Review

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set

I have always loved painting since I was a young child. I have tried out many various brands of paint brushes, but none have compared to the Santa Fe paint brushes that I have recently used. These brushes are made of high quality material and very sturdy when handling them. I love the carrying case that these brushes come with, that is a very nice touch. We all know how easy it is to misplace or totally lose some paint brushes, but not with this case it comes with. I will say one thing, you need to clean these brushes before use to remove any residue from the factory. After cleaning them, these brushes give you nice strokes to paint that beautiful picture. These would be a very nice addition for any artist looking to improve their brush collection. You can buy this on Amazon for $35.19.

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