Friday, June 5, 2015

Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5 Review

Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5

I got this Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5 from i2 Gear and it came at the perfect time, with summer coming. Now that it is summer I can go running and do my exercises out doors. I love music, especially when I am working out, this is perfect for anyone who loves their music. I love that I can just put my phone in the case and exercise away with my tunes. I love that it has a key holder so I don't have to carry around ALL my keys, I can just carry my house  key when I go on my walks, runs or exercising. As pictured below you can see how the phone fits, my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the case wouldn't fit, so I put my apple iPhone 4s in there for the picture. You can purchase this on Amazon for $7.99.

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