Thursday, May 21, 2015

Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle Review

 Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle

In the past 6 months, I have reviewed quiet a few infuser bottles. When I found the concept of them, I thought oh wow these are genius. The Live Infinitely infuser water bottle is the only I have seen that has the infuser in the bottom of the bottle. This is a nice 25 oz bottle infuser bottle that does not leak, which I thought it would when I saw it. The design of this bottle is just perfect if you ask me and I love the logo on the side of the bottle. I love making orange infused water, pineapple infused water and basically any fruit infused water. This bottle comes with a I think it is nylon black bag.

There is only one con of this bottle, I wish it had a straw/sippy thing at the top so you didn't have to remove the lid each time you take a drink of your delicious infused beverage.

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