Thursday, May 14, 2015

Midori Spring Ceremonial (GOLD) Matcha Green Tea Review

 Midori Spring Ceremonial (GOLD) Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a very healthy drink! It will do five things for you: (1) Increase energy levels (2) Help reduce stress and improve mental alertness (3) Support metabolism and help with weight loss 4) Support immune system and helps reduce inflammation. (5) Help the body cleanse of harmful elements.

The  Midori Spring Ceremonial (GOLD) Matcha Green Tea, is the first premium blend matcha I have ever received. There are many types of blends, they all have tasted a bit different in my experiences. This premium matcha by Midori comes in a very nice can of 1.06 oz of matcha powder. With this matcha it does not take much to make your drinks, I used my matcha bowl and used a very little bit of this. With this matcha, I noticed right off the bat it is brighter green than the other matcha I have had experience with. I also noticed the taste was a lot stronger with this one, assuming because it is premium blend. It has a very strong taste of earthyness, I used honey to tone this strongness down.  You can buy this on Amazon for $24.97, well worth it for the health beneifts.

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