Sunday, March 29, 2015

SM-150 Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

SM-150 Finger Pulse Oximeter

I have a tracheotomy and suffer from life threatening asthma. When I saw this item at a discounted price, I remember using it many a times at the doctors office. I was excited I could  be able to check my oxygen rate and my heart rate at home now. The winter is my worst time for breathing so I always wondered how my oxygen rating was. I got this and my o2 rating was about 98-100 most days. This made me one happy camper!

This pulse oximeter came with a small bag to keep it in when not using. That will keep it out of harms way per say, It is very easy to use you press the small white button on top of it and slide your finger in the grasper part. Wait a few seconds and stay still and WALA it reads your heart rate and oxygen rating. It will automatically turn off on its own afterwards. You can purchase this on Amazon for $27.95.

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