Sunday, March 1, 2015

Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer With Diffuser Review

Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer With Diffuser

When I first received this product I was a little sketchy, as hair dryers normally make my hair super frizzy.
This hair dryer is amazing. The diffuser works just as it should. My normally frizzy hair was smooth and flyaway free, which is attributed to the ionic technology.
This dryer has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings, as well as a cool button, which is always good after a long time of use on your scalp.
Its very lightweight and easy to use. Even a beginner, like myself, can get use out of this product.
It has a nice cool blue tone on the front, which is good for me.
All in all I'd say this product is the best hair dryer I have used to date. I Would highly recommend to anyone. You can buy this on Amazon.


  1. This Xtavana product is great. Last week one of my friends bought and used it. She was so happy with it that she termed it as best hair dryer she has ever used which made me research about it online and I think she is quite right.