Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vita Coco Café Latte Review

Vita Coco Café Latte

I heard about the Vita Coco brand on Youtube a few years ago, when I was watching ShayCarl. I then came across the Vita Coco brand again when researching beverages. The Vita Coco brand has various flavors ranging from regular original 100% Coconut water to these Latte’s.
Vita Coco was kind enough to send us a case of the Café Lattes. These come in 3 flavors. I was wondering if they would taste like coconut water at all. These did not even have a hint of that coconut water taste. I really liked all 3 flavors available.
  • ·         Mocha- I have had some Mocha drinks where you didn’t taste the chocolate at all, but not this one! This flavor has a hint of chocolate, there is just the right amount that is not over bearing.
  • ·         Vanilla- This flavor like the Mocha has the perfect mixture, but this is Vanilla not Chocoalte obviously.
  • ·         Original- The original flavor has a slight difference then the 2 flavored ones, it is delicious as well.
These Vita Coco Café Lattes are delicious and anyone who likes a good tasty latte, should give them a try. I doubt they will be disappointed, I know I wasn’t! 

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