Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Betta Bridges Pets Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs Review

Betta Bridges Pets Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs

As a dog owner, I would do anything to make sure my dogs are healthy and happy. That is why I was excited to have the chance to try it at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I have a couple of dogs getting up there in age and joint health is very important. This formula is made out of all natural organic ingredients. Some of the ingredients are honey,MSM, Glucosamine, condroiton, dandelion root, vitamin C and more. I would use any of these(and do!) For my own joint health, so, I am happy to give it to my dogs and know they can have some relief from pain and be active and happy pups for longer healthier lives.
I mix in the suggested amount to their food twice daily. They are so excited for meal time, so, it must be good. I do notice they seem more active and alert. They are napping less and wanting to play and go for walks more often. It is so nice to see them with extra pep in their step. This is a great product for any dog owner, young or old dogs. If you want the best for your dogs like I do, this is a wonderful addition to your daily pet care. You can purchase this on Amazon for $17.82.

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