Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vitamin C Lotion [Natural Moisturizer] Review

 Vitamin C Lotion [Natural Moisturizer] 

I love my Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion! I It is full of good stuff like Aloe and jojoba oil. I love the way it feels when I apply it. It is a wonderful moisturizer. It goes on sort of thick, but, not greasy or oily.It moisturizes my fine lines and wrinkles so I look fresher. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin beautiful and ready to apply my foundation. I love that I can read the ingredients and actually know what they are! I like using natural products instead of all of these horrible chemicals on my face. This stuff is so good, even my dog loves it. That is the biggest downfall. Every time I apply it, she thinks it is delicious and tries to lick it all off of me.I received this for free in exchange for my honest an unbiased opinion. I have to have moisturizer and I am fairly picky, and I love Foxbrim Vitamin C lotion for my morning moisturizer . I love it and would recommend it for anyone looking for a daily moisturizer. You can buy this on Amazon for $16.95.

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